COVID-19 measures

The following measures still apply for sportflyers:

- Maximum 6 people at the same time in the antechamber & tunnel (with a closed helmet)
- Spectators are not allowed
- The bar will remain closed
- You change clothes at home
- The teamroom is open for briefings / videos
- You wear a face mask when you walk through the building
- You do not come if you have corona symptoms or are in quarantine

Reservations can be made via

When are you a sportflyer?

You are a sportflyer at City Skydive after completing our course or with demonstrable experience in other wind tunnels (class A / level 1).

Benefits sportflyers

As a sportflyer you can book with us per minute. When you book your minutes (up to 15 minutes) you can decide how long your sessions will be (for example 1.5 or 2.5 minutes). We ensure that your sessions can rotate with other flyers. When you book a 30 minutes block, you need to fly consecutive. Of course you can share these block minutes with other sport flyers.

For safety, there is always an instructor in the door.


  Off Peak Peak  
1 Minute* €12,50 €15 Can be arranged/rotated as required.
30 Minute block €300 €400 Consecutive half hour, may be shared.
Last minute* €10 €10 Bookable on the day, from 2 hours in advance.

Peak: Weekend and (school) holidays.

Off peak: Other times (with discount).

* These are only bookable by phone: 0302074141

Canceling bookings: Up to 48 hours before the flight time can be canceled free of charge. After this time you are accepting to confirm and pay the total booked time.

CS Coaches

If you want to train belly, back and transitions, then any City Skydive instructor can coach you in this. In addition to the coaching during flying, this coaching includes briefing and debriefing of the (new) techniques with your City Skydive instructor. The coaching can be booked by sportflyers, licensed skydivers and flyers who have participated our sportflyer course. This coaching is included with the above sportflyer rates.

If you want to learn more advanced techniques, like sitfly or headdown, we would like to bring you in contact with our experienced coaches.

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  • Sportflyer 30 min. (block)

    Sportvlieger 30

    Price: € 300.00

    30 Minutes of tunneltime off peak.

    All our flight packages are exchangeable for merchandise packages.

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City Skydive accomodates sportflyers with the following facilities:

  • Sportflyers only teamroom
  • Mediahub to review/download footage from tunnel camerasystem
  • Shower and toilet
  • Creepers (8)
  • Lockers