Renting the Venue

At City Skydive we also offer you the possibility to rent our entire venue and/or both tunnels for a specific time or the entire day. We have offered this service to several companies in the past and we can do it again for you!

When is it interesting to rent our location exclusively?

-          A large corporate event (with a group of a 100+ people)

-          Product Launch

-          Media

Every story is unique. To make sure that the event is everything you expect from it we’d like to welcome you at our venue so we can have a look at your wishes and go over the details in person. Like that we can make sure to create a wonderful event tailored at your needs.

Interested? Or would you like more information?

Feel free to contact us!

References and examples:

Breaker Commercial

Melkunie is an example of a company that rented City Skydives venue for the recordings of a television commercial. This was fort he currently being played Breaker commercial.

The recordings of this commercial took the entire day. Both tunnels were used and the entire building was fitted to their needs. City Skydive has huge windows and a lot of light. On a regular day, this gives spectacular views. But for the recordings of the commercial all the windows needed to be blinded.

In the video, you can see how the result of the commercial. There was a lot of yoghurt flying everywhere and the tunnels got quite messy. But as you can see (nearly) everything is possible at City Skydive.

Capgemini (Big company outing)

Capgemini is the biggest corporate event we ever had the pleasure to welcome at City Skydive. They had the entire building to themselves with over 200 participants. As not everyone could fly at the same time, we had separated the people in several groups. For the morning-group there was breakfast, the noon-group had lunch, there was an afternoon group with drinks and bites and the evening group had a dinner buffet. Combined with an open bar, everyone got full service.