Special Events

Past Events

Omar Sanda

24 and 25 September 2018

Omar Sanda will be back at City Skydive for the next Dynamic Improvement Project (KNVvL). He will be available for one on one coaching for €200 per 15 minutes, sportflyers of all levels are welcome. Time is very limited, so be quick!

Monday Sept 24:
17:00 1x 15 minutes
18:00 1x 15 minutes
19:30 fully booked
20:30 fully booked
21:30 fully booked
22:30 fully booked

Tuesday Sept 25:
17:00 2x 15 minutes
18:00 2x 15 minutes
19:30 fully booked
20:30 fully booked
21:30 fully booked
22:30 fully booked

Kids Camp special edition!

Upcoming October the 31st it is party time at Kids Camp Halloween. Coming dressed up? Then you have a chance of winning super prizes. If you come in a onesie costume, you might be able to fly it! There are also special activities, snacks and drinks during this camp.

Costs for this special edition are 10 flights for €100.

We have different starting times available: 13.30h, 14.30h and 15.30h.

Make your booking at or call 0302074141.

Be fast, we have only limited places left.

Johannes Bergfors

May 23rd and 24th

Johannes Bergfors will be back at City Skydive to coach all levels of flying.
€200 per 15 minutes, available times below.

Wednesday 23rd:
18:00 2x 15 minutes
19:00 2x 15 minutes
20:30 2x 15 minutes
21:30 2x 15 minutes

Thursday 24th:
16:30 2x 15 minutes
17:30 2x 15 minutes
18:30 2x 15 minutes
19:30 15 minutes

Ryan & Tex at City Skydive

7-10 February

After a few sold out camps at City Skydive in 2017, Ryan Risberg will be back this February. This time he's also bringing Jesse 'tex' Leos!

You can find out more about Ryan's flying experience (and favorite food) here:

Jesse "Tex" Leos is a professional tunnel flyer and skydiver. Tex represented the USA 2-way dynamic team at the 2017 World Indoor Skydiving Championship. As a skydiver, he is the lead freefly load organizer at Skydive Spaceland and holds multiple state, national and world records. Tex has thousands of hours flying and coaching both dynamic and static flying disciplines.

Whether you want to try freefly for the first time or want to improve your competitive flying, this is the camp for you! Both coaches will be there for you at all times, so there is more room for communication, and you get to learn from both.

€200 per 15 minutes, sportflyers of all levels are welcome to join.

Book your time at

Omar Sanda at City Skydive

27 and 28 September 2017

Get your dynamic on! On September 27 and 28 Omar Sanda will be back at City Skydive to teach you all you've ever wanted to know about dynamic flying.

€200 per 15min slot, all levels welcome.

Book your time by messaging

FS Camp with Dennis Praet

3 November

This is your change to learn from the best of the best.

The third of November is World Champion Dennis Praet available for FS coaching at City Skydive. With enough entries he is available all day! Be quick, because there are limited places, especially in the evening. All levels are welcome!

One-on-one or teamcoaching. €850,- per hour.

Book your time at Sofia van der Vlist or send your request at

Open Dutch Indoor Skydiving Championships 2017 (DISC)

8 and 9 December 2017

The first Open Dutch Indoor Skydiving Championships will be held December 8 and 9 at City Skydive. Together with the ISR Grand Prix 2017 we will cover all official indoor skydiving disciplines, and more!

This competition will determine the Dutch National Champions in:
- Indoor formation skydiving: VFS 4way, VFS 4way intermediate
- Indoor artistic events: Solo freestyle, solo freestyle junior, D4W, D2W, D2W intermediate.

Check this page for more info and registration.

Rick Verbunt

28 December 2017

After a previous sold out camp, Rick Verbunt is coming back for more!

€187,50 per 15 minutes, coaching included and rotation provided. Sportflyers of all levels are welcome to join.