What does a visit to City Skydive look like?

01.     Booking    

Book your flights and choose your package at www.cityskydive.nl.

02.     Check-in    
Check in at City Skydive one hour before your flights.

03.     Gear up    
After signing up you will receive your flight gear (flight suit, goggles, earplugs and a helmet). Loose objects inside the wind tunnels are not allowed. Any loose objects such as jewelry need to be taken off and can be stored in our free lockers. Due to safety reasons, you can not bring your own camera or telephone in the tunnel or antechamber.

We advise everybody to wear comfortable clothing under the flight suit for example, sports pants and t-shirt. Preferably no outerwear with a collar. We also prefer sneakers or sports shoes with lace-up. Sandals, slippers and open shoes are not allowed. If necessary, sports shoes can be borrowed from size 31 to size 47. We advise people with long hair to braid this.

04.     Briefing
When you are geared up, you are going to watch an instruction video and will receive a briefing from your instructor. The instructor will explain all steps of your flight in a detailed manner. You will learn how to enter the tunnel and how you can use the air to fly in all directions. When you enter the tunnel it is not possible to talk to each other due to the noise. You will use a sign language the instructor will teach you.

05.     Fly    
You take place with the whole group in the antechamber, the space just next to the tunnel where the benches are. All flyers will fly at least three sessions. In the tunnel, you can see when it is your turn to fly on the upper screen. Immediately after your flight, you can see your flight on the lower playback screen. These videos and the photos we take are offered by email after your flights for € 10, - and can be shared directly via social media. After all the flights of your group, the instructor will give a short demo.

06.     Certificate    
During the debrief after your flights you will receive your certificate with shown body flight skills. Are you hungry for more? Ask for the sportflyer course.

07.     Enjoy    
After your flights, enjoy together with your group a drink at the bar.