What does a visit to City Skydive look like?

01.     Booking    

Book your flights and choose your package at www.cityskydive.nl.

02.     Check-in    
Check in at City Skydive one hour before your flying time.

03.     Gear up    
After signing up you will receive your flight gear (flight suit, goggles, earplugs and a helmet). Loose objects inside the wind tunnels are not allowed due to safety reasons. Any loose objects such as jewelry need to be taken off and can be stored in the lockers. Also it is not allowed to bring your camera or telephone in the tunnel or antechamber.

We advise everybody to wear comfortable clothing under the flight suit for example, sports pants/leggings and t-shirt with a round neck. Preferably no outerwear with a collar. We also prefer sneakers or sports shoes with laces, no metal parts like zippers. Sandals, slippers and open shoes are not allowed. We advise people with long hair to braid this.

04.     Briefing
When you are geared up, you are going to watch an instruction video and will receive a briefing from your instructor. The instructor will explain all steps of your flight in a detailed manner. You will learn how to enter the tunnel and how you can use the air to fly in all directions. When you enter the tunnel it is not possible to talk to each other due to the noise. You will use a sign language the instructor will teach you.

05.     Go to the tunnel
You take place with the whole group in the antechamber, the waitingroom just next to the tunnel where the benches are. On the top screen in the waitingroom you can see when it is your turn to fly. All participants will appear at least three times in the flightlist.

06.     Flying     
The instructor takes you into the tunnel. The more flights you do, the more you can practice and the more flying skills you can learn! Immediately after your flight you can view your flight on the bottom screen in the waitingroom. These videos eventually end up in your media package. After all the flights of your group, the instructor will give a short demonstration.

07.     Debriefing 
During the debrief after your flights you will receive your certificate with shown bodyflight skills. Are you hungry for more? Ask for the sportflyer course.

08.     Media package     
One hour after your flying session, you will receive an email to purchase the media package. The download link will be sent by email and remain valid for one month.


  • "Top experience, very special to do! And super nice and fun instructor! Top service from A to Z……"

    Door Hans Verheij op October 15, 2021

  • "I loved the experience with City Skydive, from registration (I have had to cancel twice, their service was customer oriented and fast) to flying. The instructor was very professional and engaged. The flying was a lot of fun!"

    Door Elena Cavagni op November 15, 2022

  • "How nice is this! Super cool to do and well organized. Flexible set up. Very enthusiastic team who all radiate that they have fun! Really recommended."

    Door Dennis Schiermann op May 10, 2022

  • "It's so fun and convivial at City Skydive! Everyone is super nice. It's great to do! Everyone is happy there! What a great team!"

    Door Amanda Broekkamp op December 2, 2022

  • "We had a great little adventure at City Skydive! A great place, lovely location, very helpful and friendly staff. We loved our jumps. Thanks to our instructor for helping us and giving us tips. This is a great getaway - very worth trying!"

    Door Elke Kuijper op February 27, 2022