Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is flying possible for everybody?

    Yes! Almost everybody can fly, there are however a few restrictions that make indoor skydiving with us not possible:

    - The minimum age is six.
    - The maximum body weight is 120kg.
    - When you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    - If you have ever had a dislocated shoulder.
    - When you are pregnant.
    - Or with a heart condition, unless you have permission from your GP/cardiologist.

    In case of neck, back and shoulder issue, we recommend that you report this to your instructor.

    Contact lenses and glasses: Everyone gets a pair of flying goggles that fit over your glasses. If you have contact lenses, please indicate this to your instructor. Then you get special glasses for contact lenses.

  • Can people with visual or physical disabilities fly?

    Yes, they can. We request that you contact us, so we can make a flight plan. We would like to hear about the limitations and body weight, so that we can make an adapted program. Preferably on a weekday.

  • How long does each flight take?

    The entire experience for the recreational flyer is roughly 2 hours. This includes the process from check-in and instructional briefing to flying and recieving the flight certificate afterwards.

    Each flight lasts 1 minute, which is equivalent to a tandem parachute jump from 4km (13,000ft). From this height the free fall time is 60 seconds. However most standard tandems in the Netherlands jump from 9,000ft and then your free fall time is about 30 seconds.

    So if you've booked a 4 flight package, you are flying 4 times 60 seconds. With other flyers in between.

  • Can I bring my telephone or camera in the tunnel?

    Due to safety reasons, you can not bring your camera or telephone in the tunnel or the waiting area just next to the tunnel. All your flights will be recorded by our HD video system. These will be offered directly after your flights by email for € 10, -. Of course, you can share them on social media right away.

  • Dresscode and hairdress

    Comfortable clothing, for example sports pants and t-shirt. Preferably no outerwear with a collar.

    We prefer sneakers or sports shoes with lace-up. Sandals, slippers and open shoes are not allowed. If necessary, sports shoes can be borrowed from size 31 to size 47.

    Also we provide the jumpsuit, safety helmet and goggles.

    We advise people with long hair to braid this.

  • What is the difference between indoor and traditional skydiving?

    They sound very similar, but the two sports differ in many ways. A vertical wind tunnel uses powerful turbines to generate the vertical wind flow for indoor skydiving. Wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour simulate the conditions of a freefall without the need to jump from a great height.

    The controlled environment of a wind tunnel has many benefits. You can fly without intense prolonged training, you can do much more indoor skydives a day than outdoor skydives and at a significantly lower cost compared to outdoor skydiving.

  • Tunnel Safety and Instructors

    The City Skydive windtunnels are operated by certified tunnelinstructors. At all times there will be an instructor in the tunnel. Experienced flyers may be given more freedom to fly in the tunnel, but an instructor will always be in the tunnel door for spotting purposes.

    City Skydive is participating in the acknowledged trainingsprogram in order to meet the highest safety and inspection qualifications.

    Safety is our highest concern for our guests and instructors.

  • Should I make a reservation, or can I just walk in?

    We recommend making a reservation. In the occasion you just walk in, we will do our best to get you flying as soon as possible.

  • Can I share my flight package?

    All flight packages are personally bound. For example, a package of five booked flights is flown in one time block by one person. Of course you can book and make reservations for other people. On the day itself, the names of the flyers are added to the flight list.

  • Is it difficult to breathe when flying in the tunnel?

    No. There is a significant amount of wind flowing through the tunnel, but this should not impair your breathing.

  • How high do we fly in the tunnel?

    As a first-time flyer, you will be flown within arm’s reach of your instructor in the lower part of our 23-meter-high tunnels. This ensures your safety and makes it easy to communicate with your instructor. As an experience sportflyer you can use the whole flight chamber.

  • Can I bring spectators?

    Absolutely! City Skydive was designed to give spectators the ultimate viewing experience from the main floor or from our terras " the red wing".

  • What about groups and business event?

    Are you looking for a spectacular place for your company event? Then City Skydive is the place! Be the talk of the town for the next years with your business event. We would like to welcome your staff and relations, to give them an unforgettable feeling in our tunnels.

    We can complete your visit with our extensive bar and catering. Our cateringservice offers from a simple snack to an extensive buffet. We would like to discuss your wishes in advance.

    Groups up to nine people can book by our online booking system. Take a look at the link below for more info. Business & Group Events page.


  • "We had a great little adventure at City Skydive! A great place, lovely location, very helpful and friendly staff. We loved our jumps. Thanks to our instructor for helping us and giving us tips. This is a great getaway - very worth trying!"

    Door Elke Kuijper op February 27, 2022

  • "I loved the experience with City Skydive, from registration (I have had to cancel twice, their service was customer oriented and fast) to flying. The instructor was very professional and engaged. The flying was a lot of fun!"

    Door Elena Cavagni op November 15, 2022

  • "How nice is this! Super cool to do and well organized. Flexible set up. Very enthusiastic team who all radiate that they have fun! Really recommended."

    Door Dennis Schiermann op May 10, 2022

  • "It's so fun and convivial at City Skydive! Everyone is super nice. It's great to do! Everyone is happy there! What a great team!"

    Door Amanda Broekkamp op December 2, 2022

  • "Top experience, very special to do! And super nice and fun instructor! Top service from A to Z……"

    Door Hans Verheij op October 15, 2021