For the companies that want to give their employees more, we can offer a full sport flyer course. During this course, we teach you how to fly so that you and your co-workers can start flying together.

The City skydive course is for everyone who wants to become a sport flyer

You can call yourself a sport flyer when you managed to achieve all the skills on the certificate. This means that you are safe to fly on your belly on your own and with other people including your co-workers! You’ll be allowed to fly in any tunnel in the world with your friends or other sport-flyers.


You’ll be flying a total of 15 minutes for €220,-* per person. This time is separated over two time-slots. In between you’ll have a big break to debrief with your instructor. Like that you know exactly what to do for the second session.

Step 1: Briefing the flights, you’ll get a drink and a brand-new logbook to track your progress.

Step 2: Flying with your personal coach (5 x 90 seconds)

Step 3: Break with debrief and briefing for the next block (including a drink)

Step 4: Flying. Did you finish all the skills? (5 x 90 seconds)

Step 5: Debrief (including drink)

You will receive one private instructor per 4 persons who will teach you everything about flying.

*= Price per person with a minimum of 4 people.


-          Very detailed briefings

-          Logbook to track your progress

-          Drinks



We only offer the course on weekdays.

Here’s on overview on how long it’s going to take to complete the course:  

1-8 persons 9-16 persons 17-24 persons
3 hours 3,5 hours 4,5 hours


Have a look at this webpage for more information on the course.

Interested? Or do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us!