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The ultimate indoor skydiving center in the Netherlands

Experience an unforgettable free fall in the World's first center with two tunnels!

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COVID-19 update

From Sunday 28 November 2021 we will close every day at 17:00h.

To access City Skydive it is mandatory from 18 years and above to show your personal Corona Access Certificate. This will be scanned at the front desk. Wearing a face mask is not mandatory.

Information about creating a Corona Access Certificate can be found here.


Please follow these COVID-19 measures:

  • You can only participate with a reservation. Click here to check our availability and book your flights!
  • You stay at home with (mild) symptoms like a cold, cough, stuffiness or fever. You also stay at home if someone in your household has a fever or has been tested positive for COVID-19. If you have a message from a corona notify app, please stay at home.

For sportflyers we have these measures.

COVID-19 information

• Indoor Skydiving is a safe activity, even in the current corona period. City Skydive has always made the health and safety of our guests and employees a priority.
• We therefore always follow the advice of the RIVM*, namely; You stay at home with (mild) symptoms like a cold, cough, stuffiness or fever. You also stay at home if someone in your household has a fever or has been tested positive for corona. If you have a message from a corona notify app, please stay at home.
• Disinfect your hands upon entry.
• Our building is equipped with a modern air treatment system that continuously supplies and removes filtered air from outside.
• All materials are continuously cleaned and washed.
• In the wind tunnel, 3.5 million m3 of air is blown per hour at 200 km/hr, which is continuously refreshed from a height of 35m.
• Your instructor will wear protective clothing and a closed helmet.
• All employees and visitors of City Skydive conform to all measures set by the RIVM (*National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).

Welcome at City Skydive

It is the dream of all people to fly, and we make that dream come true. It is an amazing privilege and making that dream come true is our passion.
We are the World's first center with twin flight chambers. In a safe environment, under the guidance of our certified instructors, you can experience a freefall. Like jumping from out of a plane of 4,000 meters of altitude, but without jumping out of a plane.
Experienced sportflyers can turn to us for their (team-)training and enhancing of flying skills in our state of the art wind tunnels.

Our unique building is located right beside the highway A2 at exit Maarssen at Utrecht.

Fly 2 GetAir

Are you a freshly licensed sport-flyer? Do you dare to fly with other sport-flyers? Or would you like to get some extra training before attempting to fly with others? Your Coach will make a work plan to get you flying with your friends in a safe matter based on your personal needs. On the community nights the focus will be on safety when flying with other people.

What do we offer?  10 min 1on1 coaching + 10 min flying 2 GetAir.

If you’re interested in joining subscribe fast as there will be a maximum of 6 slots per event.

When: Friday 15th October 18.00-21.00 and Friday 12th November 18.00-21.00

Interested? Book your slot at +31(0)302074141 or

This is the perfect opportunity for starting sport-flyers to get involved with other sport-flyers and find a sharing buddy.


  • "Very nice first introduction! Together with sister, one of her bucket list wishes was fulfilled for our mother (75). We really enjoyed it! The guidance was super nice and nice. Recommended!"

    Door Mark Sanne op March 8, 2020

  • "A fantastic experience! The staff complies with all the covid measures and is very friendly. In preparation, you will receive all the explanations you need, and thanks to our instructor you will feel very safe before entering the tunnel."

    Door Kaylee Koot op November 6, 2020

  • "Top location! Top instructors! Top experience! I'm hooked!"

    Door Welmoed Sommer op February 24, 2020

  • "Good atmosphere. Instructions were clearly and clearly indicated. We will definitely come back."

    Door Hanco van Tol op July 18, 2020

  • "Super cool experience. Exciting, but you will receive good explanation and guidance from a very skilled instructor who quickly teaches you all kinds of techniques while flying. But beware: skydiving is addictive."

    Door Ted Sluis op October 9, 2020