Privacy Policy

City Skydive attaches great importance to the protection of the data of your personal data. In this document we want to provide clear and transparent information about our privacy policy and how we handle personal data. We do everything we can to guarantee your privacy. City Skydive complies in all cases with applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data that City Skydive processes from its visitors, employees, applicants, suppliers, customers or other interested parties. If you contact us, use our services, visit the website or provide personal data to City Skydive for any other reason, you explicitly give permission to process your personal data in line with this Privacy Policy.

For what purpose do we process data? The following personal data are processed during a City Skydive's visit:

1. Name: for processing on flight list and certificate.
2. E-mail: for communicating and booking flight and handling media packages. With an Opt-in: you can choose to be kept informed of mailings.
3. Postal code: without house numbers: For marketing and target group research.
4. Health declaration: To determine if someone is fit enough to fly.
5. Obtained skills: To obtain the sportflyer certificate.

This data will be deleted after one month, unless otherwise indicated by the guest. We also delete "on demand" data directly.

External parties involved in our data processing are:

Tunn3l (
Tunn3l processes: guest data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail) with associated health declaration, media library, invoicing and financial settlement.

Mollie (
Mollie processed: name guest, payment details guest and amount. Account details of City Skydive.

Stolwijk accountants (
Stolwijk accountants processed: personal data, contracts, salaries, debtors, creditors.

Rabobank (
Rabobank pensions processed: Personal data, pensions data.

Youtube (
Youtube processed the guest videos, without name and e-mail address.

Dropbox (
Dropbox processed the guests photos, without name and e-mail address.

Mailchimp (
Mailchimp processes our opt-in email addresses to take part in mailings.

iCareIT (
iCareIT manages the local servers, computers, infrastructure and NAS.

Contact point for GDPR matters;
Fulko Wiebenga, Operations manager
Bas Driessen, Tunnel manager
Joeban Bergs, Shiftleader
Jos van Baal, Shiftleader
Niels Helder, Shiftleader