-- hopefully we can organise another DATE night in September or October, we will let you know on this page and on our social media --

Is your relationship becoming a slur, are you looking for a way to blow fresh air into your love-life? Or did you just started dating and are you keen to bring your lover to new heights? Come and join us for the City Skydive’s DATE NIGHT.

Together with the other couples you’ll be getting a pre-flight briefing. After that it’s time to fly. For the first session, you’ll be making three flights one-on-one with the instructor. The instructor will focus on your personal progression. After that well have a short break and jump right back into the tunnel for the second part in which you’ll be flying an additional two flights with private coaching. Hopefully you and your loved one will then be ready to fly together for the last flight of the package.

During the night snacks and drinks are included! 


DATE Night (we don't have a new date yet)

Price: €220 per couple

Book your slot at:

Available times: 

- 18.30 - 21.30

- 19.00 - 22.00



The package includes:

- 5 flights for you
- 5 flights for your significant other
- 1 shared flights where you and your significant other can fly together

- Snacks, drinks, champagne and a present.