Fly 2 GetAir

Are you a freshly licensed sport-flyer? Do you dare to fly with other sport-flyers? Or would you like to get some extra training before attempting to fly with others? Your Coach will make a work plan to get you flying with your friends in a safe matter based on your personal needs. On the community nights the focus will be on safety when flying with other people. 

What do we offer?  10 min 1on1 coaching + 10 min flying 2 GetAir.
- 10 minutes 1on1 coaching with a City Skydive coaches. This is to warm up and see where you at and what you need to work on.
- 10 minutes of flying 2 get-air with other sportflyers. If it won’t be possible to fly together (because of level and or wind speed) you have 5 min of 1on1 coaching. The total flight-time will be 15 to 20 minutes.

Price €180,-! This includes briefings, debriefs and two drinks.

If you’re interested in joining subscribe fast as there will be a maximum of 6 slots per event.



- Friday October 13th 18.00-21.00 / 6PM-9PM
- Tuesday November 7th 18.00-21.00 / 6PM-9PM 
- Friday November 24th 18.00-21.00 / 6PM-9PM
- Friday December 15h 18.00-21.00 / 6PM-9PM



Book your slot at +31(0)302074141 or

This is the perfect opportunity for starting sport-flyers to get involved with other sport-flyers and find a sharing buddy.