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Have you ever dreamt of flying like a bird? Or do you want to get the thrill of doing something adventurous? We have the ultimate experience for you.

What is indoor skydiving?

When you come to City Skydive, you will experience what it feels like to skydive, but indoor. You don't have to jump out of an airplane at 13.000ft, but will experience the thrill of bodyflight in one of our two vertical glass windtunnels. To keep you safe during your flight, you will always be guided by one of our experienced instructors.

There are four engines that blow the wind through the tunnel with speeds up to 300 kilometers per hour, allowing you to fly and experience the sensation of freefall. In the tunnel, the instructor will show you different moves and techniques. You will notice that in only a few minutes you will be able to fly solo!

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First Flights

Use our online reservation system below to book your flights. If you are with a group of over 9 flyers, please contact service@cityskydive.nl.

We advise the package of 4 Indoor Skydives for every beginner. You have enough time to understand bodyflight and to fly more by yourself. This is the ideal starter package!

Every package includes flight gear, briefing and certificate. All packages last about 2 hours. From the age of 6 everyone* is welcome to fly and prior flying experience is not required.

All your flights will be recorded by our HD video and photo system. These will be offered directly after your flights by email for € 10, -. Of course, you can share them right away. Due to safety reasons, you can not bring your own camera or telephone in the tunnel or antechamber.

You need to be present at City Skydive one hour before the start of your flights. Check this page to prepare your visit.

Flight packages

  • 3 Indoor Skydives

    3 Indoor Skydives


    Total duration:
    +/- 2 hours

    Price: € 69.50

    This is the starter package and offers the experience of three free falls of 60 seconds. Like jumping from out of a plane of 4,000 meters of altitude, but without jumping out of a plane.

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  • 4 Indoor Skydives

    4 Indoor Skydives


    Total duration:
    +/- 2 hours

    Price: € 89.50

    We advise this package for every beginner. You have a little bit more time to understand bodyflight and to complete more tasks on your certificate. This is the ideal starter package!

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  • 5 Indoor Skydives

    5 Indoor Skydives


    Total duration:
    +/- 2 hours

    Price: € 104.50

    This package gives you the possibility to fly more by yourself. It gives you also more opportunity to extend your skills or even to improve them. This is the package for the first timer who wants to learn a lot!

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  • 6 Indoor Skydives

    6 indoor skydives


    Total duration:
    +/- 2 hours

    Price: € 119.50

    The ultimate flying package for every beginner. With this package, you have the most time to develop your skills to the max!

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  • "A fantastic experience! The staff complies with all the covid measures and is very friendly. In preparation, you will receive all the explanations you need, and thanks to our instructor you will feel very safe before entering the tunnel."

    Door Kaylee Koot op November 6, 2020

  • "Super cool experience. Exciting, but you will receive good explanation and guidance from a very skilled instructor who quickly teaches you all kinds of techniques while flying. But beware: skydiving is addictive."

    Door Ted Sluis op October 9, 2020

  • "Good atmosphere. Instructions were clearly and clearly indicated. We will definitely come back."

    Door Hanco van Tol op July 18, 2020

  • "Top location! Top instructors! Top experience! I'm hooked!"

    Door Welmoed Sommer op February 24, 2020

  • "Very nice first introduction! Together with sister, one of her bucket list wishes was fulfilled for our mother (75). We really enjoyed it! The guidance was super nice and nice. Recommended!"

    Door Mark Sanne op March 8, 2020