Open Dutch Indoor Skydiving Championships 2017 (DISC)

8 and 9 December 2017

The first Open Dutch Indoor Skydiving Championships will be held December 8 and 9 at City Skydive. Together with the ISR Grand Prix 2017 we will cover all official indoor skydiving disciplines, and more!

This competition will determine the Dutch National Champions in:
- Indoor formation skydiving: VFS 4way, VFS 4way intermediate
- Indoor artistic events: Solo freestyle, solo freestyle junior, D4W, D2W, D2W intermediate.

tba: Training and speed setting
tba: Opening, welcome and competition briefing
18:00-21:00: Competition block 1

09:00-12:00: Competition block 2
17:00-20:00: Competition block 3 (finals)
20:00: Award ceremonies and closing party
tba: Invitational tryout speed competition D4W and D2W head to head in our unique twin tunnels.

 RATES  early birds*  normal
 VFS 4WAY  €300,-  €350,-
 VFS 4W INTERMEDIATE  €300,-  €350,-
 SOLO FREESTYLE  €150,-  €175,-
 SOLO FREESTYLE JR  €100,-  €125,-
 €300,-  €350,-
 D2W  €250,-  €300,-
 D2W INTERMEDIATE  €250,-  €300,-

*Untill the first of November.

Registration for the Open Dutch Indoor Skydiving Championships.

General Rules.

Other competition rules:
VFS 4way open:
VFS 4way intermediate: to be announced very soon
Solo freestyle open:
Solo freestyle junior: 60 seconds is the only rule, be creative!
D4W open:
D2W open:
D2W intermediate:

All dynamic rounds will be flown in tunnel two, see image for a schematic top view. Since there's not much time left to train we've decided that all dynamic competitions will be speed rounds only.