Our certified team

Our trained and certified City Skydive team will guide you with enthusiasm, fun, and passion throughout your visit. City Skydive is participating in the acknowledged Tunnelinstructor.org training program in order to meet the highest safety standards.



Instructor - Coach

Hello, my name is Sofia van der Vlist. I started (indoor) skydiving in 2014. I started mainly in the windtunnel. But later on, I jumped out of planes as well.

I started working as a wind tunnel instructor at City Skydive in 2017. Beside that I am working as a tunnel instructor for a couple of years now, I also train for myself in all kinds of disciplines. I often train with my own coaches. Because of this, I am current and can teach you all new stuff in indoor skydiving.

You can reach me for FS coaching, but also for freefly coaching. Together we will find the best way to reach your personal goals.

Are you interested and do you think I can help you reach your goals? Send me an email to: sofiavdvlist@gmail.com