Become a Champion!

The City Skydive Sportflyer Course  is for everyone who wants to be a sportsflyer. You become this when you have achieved all the skills on the certificate. Besides the fact that the sport flying status is valid worldwide, there are more nice advantages to it, like flying together with your friends.

Sportflyer Course

As a sportflyer at City Skydive you can:
• Fly at cheaper rates
• Fly simultaneously with others
• Discover the endless possibilities and disciplines within (indoor) skydiving
• Be part of a close and passionate community

During the Sportflyer Course, you will learn to fly independently on your belly. The goal is to teach you all the skills of the certificate. You will learn how to fly your body so that you can move in all directions. Once you have reached the desired level, you can share the tunnel with other sportflyers. When you share the wind with other sportflyers, you also share the price!

Did you know that you can also participate in competitions? At City Skydive, competitions are organized for different disciplines and levels. For more information about this, you can contact one of our tunnel instructors. You can read what the course looks like in the step-by-step plan below.

How it works

1.     Briefing
Detailed explanation about all aspects of flying on your belly.

2.     Fly!
Five flights of 90 seconds with your instructor.

3.     Pause
Here you get your tips and tops for the next session.

4.     Fly!
Another five flights of 90 seconds.

5.     Debriefing
You view and discuss the videos with your instructor.


For € 265, - you will fly 15 minutes divided between two blocks with a 30 minutes break between them for debriefing.

- Extensive briefings.
- Logbook.
- Drinks.

The course lasts about 3 hours and can be booked via the contact details below. The course is not possible during the peak hours (09:00-18:00) on weekends.

Book the CS Course at: or call us at 0302074141.


Competences of the certificate:

- Stable basic flying
- Solo flight
- Left and right turn
- Fly up and down
- Side sliding
- Fly forwards and backwards
- Unassisted entry and exit of the tunnel
- Flying in all directions (combination of movements)

Sportflyers are rated worldwide by the same competences, which means that your certification is also valid in other tunnels. City Skydive strives to train their sportflyers to a good level.