CS Coaching

If you want to train belly, back and transitions, you can book by the normal sportflyer rates. If you want to learn more advanced techniques, we would like to bring you in contact with our experienced coaches.



Instructor - Coach

Hi! My name is Rick Verbunt, and I’m a(n) (indoor) skydiving fanatic. A few years ago I studied to be a PE-teacher, but nowadays I concern myself with Learning & Development in a totally different way. Since 2010 I’ve been active in the windtunnel and I’ve caught a hard case of the skydiving virus. That’s why I did my AFF in 2016. A few hundred jumps and quite a few hours in the windtunnel later I’ve been able to do a bunch of competitions and events (which I really enjoy).

In that time I’ve done a few Dutch and World championships in: Dynamic 2-way (indoor), Formation Skydiving 4-way (indoor and outdoor), Vertical Formation Skydiving (indoor) and Freefy (outdoor).

Due to my experience I’m able to coach (all levels) in freefly (& dynamic) and formation skydiving. Are you interested to fly with me? Get in contact with me through: r_verbunt@hotmail.com