CS Coaching

If you want to train belly, back and transitions, you can book by the normal sportflyer rates. If you want to learn more advanced techniques, we would like to bring you in contact with our experienced coaches.



Instructor - Coach

Just one skydive was the original plan in 2014, a typical item on the bucket list. But that turned out to be more fun than expected. 700 Jumps and counting and the tunnel hours are flying through the roof as well.

Together with Yvonne Wiggers as team 'sub60', we won the Dutch championships in the category dynamic intermediate in December of 2018. In 2019 we managed to finish 3rd in Dynamic Open. Since that year I'm also active as a coach and fly weekly with a wide variety of flyers. Entry level belly and backfly all the way up to high speed dynamic, everything is possible. Want to know more or book a session? Send me an email and let's get in touch! - josvbaal@gmail.com