CS Coaching

Wil je belly, back en transities trainen, dan gelden de standaard tarieven voor sportvliegers. Wil je meer advanced technieken leren, dan brengen we je graag in contact met onze ervaren coaches.



Hoofd Instructeur

Hi I’m Adam and flying and teaching bodyflight is my passion. I started out packing parachutes in 2004, and since then I’ve made close to 7000 jumps as a tandem instructor/videographer/AFFi/Freefly coach.

10 years ago I became a tunnel instructor and 3 years of those years I’ve worked as a trainer. Currently I am chief instructor and trainer at City Skydive.  I coach freefly and dynamic for all levels of flyers, and I tailor my coaching to your goals.  Reaching your goals is my main priority with a fun no pressure approach.  Come fly with me.