COVID-19 Sportflyers Autumn 2020

Luckily flying is possible within the current COVID-19 rules! We did have to make some adjustments to make this possible. We therefore ask all sportflyers to conform to the rules below.

What you need to know before flying:

 - Spectators are unfortunately not allowed. The only exception is for participants under the age of 18 for whom 1 adult is allowed per booking.
- You fly with a maximum of 2 people at the same time (including coach).
- There are a maximum of 4 flyers in the antechamber.
- You change clothes at home.
- The team room is only open for downloading videos.
- Our bar is closed.
- You wear a face mask (or buff) when you walk through our building.
- For bookings on already open time blocks, the regular rates and conditions also apply.
- You can temporarily fly at peak times for a reduced rate, you can read the options below.

Due to the limitation on visitor numbers, we can unfortunately welcome fewer guests at the same time than we are used to. In order to spread the visitor flow as much as possible, we have therefore closed time blocks during the day for recreationists and opened extra blocks in the evening. Empty tunnels are of course a huge waste, and we are therefore happy to give you the opportunity to fly in these "closed" blocks!

Conditions for flying in "closed" blocks:
- Reservations can be made per 10 minutes for € 100 (!!!)
- You fly 5 sessions of 2 minutes, or 4 sessions of 2.5 minutes.
- You fly your 10 minutes with a maximum of 2 people (including coach).
- A maximum of 20 minutes can be booked per block.
- There is a minimum of 1 minute break between your sessions.
- You don't come earlier than necessary, and you don't hang out afterwards.
- You keep 1.5m distance, also in the antechamber.
- Waiting (after payment at the front office) and briefing is done in the teamroom.

For current availability and to make a reservation, you can send an email to We conform to the guidelines of the R.I.V.M. and will continue to adapt our conditions to the situation when necessary.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation, and hope to see you soon!

With flying regards,
Team City Skydive