Saturday evening April 18th

Ladies Night but you’re no lady?

Date Night but you’ve got no date?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

City Skydive Party is the event night for EVERYONE! It’s our birthday and this calls for a celebration.

Bring your friends, bring your family, or just bring yourself! Want to spread your wings for the first time? Discover the world of indoor skydiving and let us introduce you to our sport on this special night.

Are you a licensed sportflyer already? Or even a skygod freeflyer? Flyers of all level are welcome, we will find you a suitable coach to fly with.


HUCKJAM: At the end of the night we will host a free huckjam for all sportflyers. It is not mandatory to join, but who can say no to flying for free?! There will be no flight schedule, but our instructor will make sure everyone gets to fly at their own skilllevel.

GAME: For the firsttime flyers we will host a game at the end of the night. Put your freshly acquired skills to the test, and see who’s the best beginner! All firsttime flyers of the evening are welcome to join. The winner of this game will get a voucher for 1 time 3 flights.


Saturday evening April 18th. CS Partyyy is being cancelled due to Covid-19 virus. 

Available times for firsttimers:
-          18.00-21.00
-          19.30-22.30

Available times Sport Flyers:
-          18.30-20.30
-          20.00-22.00

End times are end time of flying. After flying the Party start!



Are you flying for the first time or are you not yet a Sportflyer?
-          €110,-
-          6 flights, divided into two blocks (with a break)
-          All drinks and snacks included
-          GAME

Are you already a Sportflyer?
-          €125,-
-          10 minutes
-          All drinks and snacks included
-          Huckjam