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If you want to train belly, back and transitions, you can book by the normal sportflyer rates. If you want to learn more advanced techniques, we would like to bring you in contact with our experienced coaches.



Instructor - Coach

Flying has always been my passion which came to life as I started in 2007. Since then, the learning has never stopped and I hope it never will. Currently I am working at City Skydive as an instructor and trainer of the new recruits. I love to teach people the art of bodyflight and hope to inspire you while doing it.

Do you want to improve your freefly skills for the next season of skydiving? Do you want to learn all about dynamic flying? And most of all; do you want to have fun while doing it?

Come, lets fly!  b.nolet@gmail.com

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Bastiaan Nolet

* is two time Dutch Champion in Dynamic 2-Way Open
(2018, 2019)

* participated in the Bahrain World Cup in Dynamic 2-Way Open

* Participated in the World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Lille 2019