Our certified team

Our trained and certified City Skydive team will guide you with enthusiasm, fun, and passion throughout your visit. City Skydive is participating in the acknowledged Tunnelinstructor.org training program in order to meet the highest safety standards.



Front Office

Hi! My name is Yvonne and I am one of the fulltime employees at the City Skydive Front Office. I studied Applied Mathematics and used to work as a manifester (planner) at the National Skydiving Centre Teuge. Optimizing time management and solving problems is what I do best.

My passion for skydiving started when I did my first solo skydive at the age of 18. For me, no feeling comes close to the feeling of flying your own body through the air. Skydiving gives me the ultimate sense of freedom, and indoor skydiving lets me practice and progress my flying at an accelerated pace.

This job lets me combine my optimization skills with my flying, and as a bonus I get to work together with a great team of colleagues.