Our certified team

Our trained and certified City Skydive team will guide you with enthusiasm, fun, and passion throughout your visit. City Skydive is participating in the acknowledged Tunnelinstructor.org training program in order to meet the highest safety standards.




My name is Patrick and with my 21 years I am one of the youngest in this team. When I'm not working or studying you can find me at the gym or with my friends. After five years of working at a indoor playground this new opportunity litterly fell from the sky. Apart from the holidays I always stayed with both feet on the ground. Well, these days are over now! I will strengthen the team every Saturday as a runner. This means that I will and can help with everything when needed so. It doesn't matter if this will be at the bar or at the tunnel, I hope to be at your service lightning fast! I also like to have small talks, so please come and find me once in a while!