Our certified team

Our trained and certified City Skydive team will guide you with enthusiasm, fun, and passion throughout your visit. City Skydive is participating in the acknowledged Tunnelinstructor.org training program in order to meet the highest safety standards.



Instructor - Coach

Hey future Airbenders,

I've been working as an Instructor at city skydive since 2018 and got the opportunity to share my love for indoor skydiving with countless people.

More and more I've started coaching sportflyers and hope this will keep growing. There's nothing better then seeing the real fanatics grow and experience the real freedom in the tunnel.

My background is Tricking. After graduating as sports educator I've spend 15 years pioneering lessons and practice flips, twists and kicks on the floor and can apply these tricks in the tunnel. Now I do things that weren't possible on the floor.

Are you a Tricker, Freerunner or Capoeirista or just love flips and tricks make sure to send me a message so we can go do tricks you never thought you could!

Mail: G.janssen86@gmail.com
Insta: nesaru_gyce