Our certified team

Our trained and certified City Skydive team will guide you with enthusiasm, fun, and passion throughout your visit. City Skydive is participating in the acknowledged Tunnelinstructor.org training program in order to meet the highest safety standards.




I’m Daen and I’ll be your Bartender for the day. I saw the construction site of our building every time I biked to school. Curious to see what this building would become, I started Googling, and quickly found out about City Skydive. At City Skydive, I see groups of friends on an exhilarating trip, or employees with smiles on their faces on a business outing. I love to see the kids go “Whoah” as an instructor shoots high into our 23-meter-high tunnels, while their parents run after them. Yes, I do believe I have a great job, and I look forward to serving you a well-deserved beverage.